since we tied a Knot!
My Dearest Dadaji

I love you with all my heart and I will miss you the most on our wedding day. I was fortunate to have spent majority of my life with you. You were and always will be one of the most influential people in my life. I admire and adore you like no other. You showed me so much, and your words of wisdom, life, love, morals... will forever live with me. A part of me died when you did, but in the end, I live for you today. You were with me through all the great moments of my life and now when I am getting married you are not with me. Your wish to see me married before you go was not fulfilled. But I am so happy you got a chance to spend time with Priyanka and approve of her.

I love you Dadaji and I dedicate this day to your memory. I know you are watching me and blessing Priyanka and me when we start a new life together.

I miss you Nanaji

My dearest Nana and I were very close. He taught me so many things as I was growing up and I so miss him so much. He was very kind and he taught me how to love people, be generous, and selflessly assist others in time of their need. He put everyone else’s happiness before his own. I feel sad that Priyanka never had the opportunity to meet my saint-like grandfather.

Nanaji, I want to dedicate this day to you. I love you so dearly and know you are smiling and blessing Priyanka and me.